Due to policies that promote confidentiality before, during, and after a transaction we do not provide information which may as yet unknown to employees, vendors, customers, or competitors. But here are a few of our anonymous highlights.

WK: “My husband ran our multi-location business with strict control. When he died neither my sons nor I had much skill at running the business. I paid two companies for valuations and only received one back. By that time Dale had valued and sold the business. I would recommend him highly”.

Details: Cash-flow = $90K; Sold business + 2 buildings for $2.5M; KW was 75 year old grandmother.

NA: “Mr. McFarland is always professional in his appearance and handling of all matters. The other broker did not know anything so Dale did everything for his client, too. I am glad to call him a friend.

FM: “I had paid two retainers and one was for $45,000 and did not see a single buyer. I was told my business was un-sellable by a rude business broker. Dale evaluated our business and determined that something was wrong with our accounting or pricing. It was both. I can’t believe we have an offer”.

Details: Losing Money; Took deal so no more brokers could steal retainers; Studied Market; Found Turnaround Experts; Sold for 3X Listing Agreement; Over $3M; MF was elderly grandmother.

FG: “We really appreciate all of the long, hard work you have put in. We have been very impressed with all of the good prospects and deals that you have brought in”.

TT: “If you are looking for a business I would call Dale McFarland. He is the best and he always has good listings.

VC: “I have met a lot of business brokers and would never recommend or do business with any of them except Dale McFarland. He is the only one that really cares about his clients and it shows.

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