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MergerMasters, Inc. is an independently owned company dedicated to set the standard for professional performance in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting. We are not business brokers. With over 25 years of experience in M&A consulting, sales and marketing consulting, management consulting, corporate executive management, and multiple business ownerships we have seen just about everything that the business world has to offer. Our philosophy is that you must be the best at what you do and only take on as much as you can handle professionally and STILL be the best. The fact that only about 33% of all listings actually get sold is clear evidence that most “business brokers” are trained and willing to do or say anything to “get the listing”. You will never see our company boast about having the most businesses (UNSOLD) for sale as many of those sellers have been given false hopes in exchange for a retainer. We learned long ago that honesty is the ONLY policy and the client needs must be the first priority. The confidentiality of all matters is always maintained to the best of our ability.

 MergerMasters derives its name from the critical need to find the right buyer for a client business and educate them continuously on the keys to success of the business. They must be financially qualified and coach-able in order to ever meet our clients. We emphasize that this “merger” is a gradual transition that must be a combined effort of mutual respect and understanding to sustain the business and achieve a “win-win” deal. The buyer must never “fix” what is NOT broken. We work honestly and fairly with buyers. We feel it is only fair to ask them not to ruin the great businesses we make available to them.  Over 50% of businesses fail to survive an ownership transition and it is due to inexperienced “business brokers” and sellers (many without assistance from a M&A expert) that can only think about closing a deal and collecting funds. This short-sighted thinking exists due to lack of appropriate skill and education of the parties which is common with the franchise brokers. They come and go and must follow “the rules”. They are given scripts and form letters and are truly desperate. We are not a franchise and utilize our own personal experience and sound business judgment in all cases.

Dale R. McFarland, founder of MergerMasters, Inc., grew up on a farm in western Ohio where his parents still reside. Frequently he and his brothers would help neighbors and it was policy that you don’t accept money from neighbors. Neighbors were family. In high school he was always chosen Class President and excelled in sports. He went to college and earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton in 1979. He rose through the ranks in a Fortune 50 career until starting his first sales, marketing, and consulting business which was an immediate success. He was known and respected throughout the chemical industry as hard working, honest, successful, and nice to everyone. He makes company policy as you might expect a farm kid from Ohio….hard work, honesty, and treat all people the way you want to be treated. This is what differentiates him from others in his industry.

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