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There are many things a business owner should do for themselves. Selling their business is not one of them. There is no question that an owner that utilizes an experienced M&A professional will not only benefit financially but will avoid other matters they are not prepared to handle. Things such as effective confidentiality protection, evaluation of financials, preparation of complicated marketing materials, how and where to find the best buyers, how to qualify prospects, where to obtain financing, investor tricks, experience with Letters of Intent and final Definitive Agreements, deal structuring, resources for the best legal representation, obtaining leverage in negotiations, and determining fair market value for the business are all things the M&A expert does every day and most sellers know little about. Trust a professional in the largest transaction of your life. We are selective in the sellers and buyers that we elect to work with so we can sell 100% of the projects we accept. A satisfied client is our greatest reward.


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